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I was terrified and needed emergency help.
I now look forward to my presentations!

Kathy Rooney, Senior Director,
Metabasis Therapeutics

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Team Communication Workshops and Keynote Speeches Client Stories



> Presentation Workshops and Private Coaching


"I had a presentation that was very informative, but didn't leave people on the edge of their seats. I decided to bring in the best in the business, David Greenberg, to help me bring my presentation to life. Boy did he ever! One week after David's coaching I gave the best presentation of my life! I had never felt the adrenaline rush of a standing ovation before."

Lori Frazier, Vice President of Communications,
First Horizon National Corporation

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"You provided us with numerous strategies to present with confidence, and capture and maintain our audiences’ interest. The proof was in the pudding."

Dennis Duquette, Director,
Deloitte, LLP

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"We have you back repeatedly because of the results you achieve. After your last program, we had our best sales month ever!"

B. Gillespie, Director of Sales,

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"I was a little scared that the attendees would not be satisfied because several of them had taken 'similar' courses and did not understand why they needed to go to yet another class. But, it didn't take long to put my fears to rest. Your approach to teaching is certainly unique and far better than I have encountered. We had several people in the class that had taken Dale Carnegie courses and they said, 'Hands down, you were better.'"

Scanlon Putegnat, Manager, Business Development,

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"Our employees learned several techniques to help them overcome their speaking jitters and deliver great presentations."

Alona Collins, Employee Relations Specialist,
American Express

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  "I've been conducting training programs and the scores weren't as high as I'd like. I've been implementing the tips David gave me and it's raised my scores dramatically, to an almost perfect 6.71 out of 7.0. I recommend David to anyone... especially if you think there's not much you can learn!”

Tim Riley, Regional Sales Director,
Select Comfort Corporation (The "Sleep Number Bed" Company)
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"People throughout the company rave about this workshop and now I know why. The course is the best of its kind that I've attended. You pick up on great details and give us techniques that simply make you better."

Susan Johnson, Vice President, Marketplace Leadership,
CUNA Mutual Group

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"I must commend you, both for the compelling workshop that you conducted and for the way in which you captured and held the attention of a diverse group of type "A" personalities for two full days. As you know, our group included several highly experienced sales people who had plenty of speaking and presentation experience. Nevertheless, everyone on our team found significant value in the workshop and came away with more highly developed skills, a template to create an organized presentation plan and greater confidence in our abilities. Your workshop was of tremendous value to our organization and was well worth the effort and expense."

Russell Ginise
Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Equity Investments,
Paramount Financial Group, Inc.

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"My skills definitely improved. The course was great!"

JoAnn Kurtz, Director of Sales,
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

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"The coaching made a huge difference in how I was perceived and was quite beneficial to my overall presentation."

Dianne Danner,
Regional Manager,
The Wall Street Journal

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"Tremendous! Wonderful! Invaluable! Thanks seems inadequate on top of those participant comments. You made it easy for them to learn the most difficult tricks of the trade."

Mary Hanson, President,
American Medical Association Alliance

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"Everyone made significant and measurable improvements and feels more comfortable and confident. We all agree this is the best seminar of any kind we have attended!

John Joninas
Pricing Manager

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"As a lawyer, I speak frequently on dry legal topics. I need to offset dry subjects with interesting presentation style. Your advanced coaching sessions have given me techniques to keep audience riveted!"

James Kelly, Attorney,
Kelly Law Firm, P.C.

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"I couldn't believe how much improvement occurred. I am able to present technical information in a way that holds the audience's interest."

Hal Platt, Senior Applications Manager,
American Software

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"Your coaching provided me with a terrific framework for developing my message as well as invaluable techniques on handling the fear. Thank you for helping me obtain the applause and 'Great Presentation' accolades."

Denise Hipps, Director of Finance,

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  "The wealth of information and skills gained will increase our effectiveness to communicate and meet the needs of people around the world."

M. Salmon, Director,
Lillian Carter Center for International Nursing at Emory University
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"David's coaching is straight forward and no-nonsense and really stretches me. He provides content that takes my presentations to another level. Outstanding!"

Gale Crosley, President,
Crosley and Company

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"I recently became a national trainer. David helped me put together a meaningful presentation that packs a punch! He helps me keep my audiences engaged."

Cindy Ertman, Executive Vice President,
Platinum Capital Group

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> Team Communication Workshops and Keynote Speeches


"David harnessed the restless energy of the group and converted it into electricity! The only standing ovation of the three-day conference!"

DickWilde, Director of Business Development,
Deloitte, LLP

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"Three months have past and our group is still talking about the program!"

Mark Dannenberg, Vice President,
ADP Payroll

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"David was the best speaker in Division Meetings that I have been to in the past ten years! The experience has carried back to the workplace in a positive way."

Eileen Oakley, Division Manager,

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  "Once again, the team learned how to be more effective leaders and communicators. You've helped me out greatly."

Jamie Jones, Regional Business Director
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
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  "The training tied in perfectly with our daily work experiences and gave the staff new ideas on how we can improve and work together as teams."

M. Thomas, Facilitation Team,
US Dept. of Education
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"David is the only speaker we had kickoff our meeting two years in a row! He offers a wealth of useful information and motivation."

James Hewitt, Vice President of Sales,
The Georgia Lottery Corporation

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"David was just the right tonic to end our conference after a long and wearing two and half days. He far exceeded our expectations and his due diligence on our company and theme were obvious."

Steve Houser, VP, Sales & Marketing,
Swissotel Management, USA

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"Outstanding! Invigorating and valuable. David's session provided information our membership can use in the months and years ahead."

T. Webster, MD, President,
North Carolina Medical Society

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"As the kick-off for the two-day event, David was fantastic. He got the group laughing, moving and thinking. The entire group was smitten!"

Angie Larson, Marketing Manager,
LiteTouch, Inc.

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"What a joy to have you close our leadership conference. You inspired, educated and entertained our entire group. I recommend you to everyone I know."

Karen Moore, Training and Marketing Manager,
E & S Ring Property Management Corp.

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"Bravo, bravo, bravo! I can safely say David is the best, most engaging speaker we have had."
Sam Sears, Director, Corporate Productivity,
Georgia Power Company

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"David Greenberg and his company would be a great addition to your next meeting. His blend of humor, common sense, enthusiasm and motivation would add a lot! The feedback we received from his presentations, as well as the involvement he elicited, was tremendous."
Mark Myette, Director of Training/Sales Development,
Dictaphone Corporation

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